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What drives us is our community. We have no outside interests, our only concern (and our legal fiduciary) is to look out for the best interests of our community and our clients.


We speak multiple languages and come from all walks of life. We share values, principles, and expertise; but what makes each member unique are their looks, personalities, cultures, temperaments, and of course - haircuts.

Over 50 brokers, 7000+ clients, across 2 provinces – and our mission is still the exact same as day 1.

CL Financial, an organization that was founded over a decade ago, has been built on one simple principle: to help our community feel more in control of their lives. We do this primarily through the education of financial services and protection. Looking out for our clients is our #1 priority. 

Jerico & Jannette founded CL because of a problem they saw within our industry. People who do not put the client first! We have always wanted our advisors to be different. We want them to see the nuances of our clients' specific situation, and recommend the best strategy available for them to achieve their financial goals. We’ve been here for our community for over a decade, and we’ll be here for decades to come. 



Everyone has a story to tell. We’re honoured to hear the stories of our clients. Venture below to hear some of our clients.


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We strive to provide financial security and custom solutions to you unique needs


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