Lauren’s story
October 7, 2020


July 2020

Life Insurance


Unfortunately, Nicolas’ story is a very common one. It is the reason behind why our founders started CL over a decade ago. Our industry is so necessary, but it is filled to the brim with the wrong types of agents. Agents who do not put the clients best interests first, and who only care about the client for a short amount of time.


The foundation of CL was built with different values. Our advisors are trained to care for one thing above all: the best interests of our clients. We make it clear to our advisors, that our job and legal fiduciary, is to look out for the best interests of our clients. CL does not tolerate any less, and we refuse to work with those who do not see eye to eye with our mission. Our advisors are trained to be experts and professionals; who are incentivized to service our clients at the highest possible level. We also make it clear to our clients that our advisors will never get paid directly from them. The commissions and pay cheques of our advisors come out of our pockets, and never out of the pockets of our clients. The education, service, and advice that our advisors provide, is merely a part of their duties; our clients are never paying for the privilege. It is unfortunate to hear stories like Nicolas’, but it is a great reminder of why we are here. Nicolas, thank you sharing your story with us, and thank you for trusting us. We promise to always deliver.