Lauren’s story
October 7, 2020



Critical Illness Insurance


Joel has been a loyal client of CL Financial for quite some time now. His story is not only miraculous and opportunistic, but is also very inspiring. Joel was in the prime of his career and in the prime of his “healthy years”- when he randomly got diagnosed with a stroke. This stroke led him to lose all sensation and motor skills in one half of his body. 

Doing regular daily activities like: getting out of bed, getting dressed, and even walking- became tasks that he needed to relearn. "Sometimes the universe deals you a bad hand, but we need to do our best with the cards that we’ve drawn." Joel did just that.


Joel is incredibly fortunate, not only for his support system (that never left his side) but also because he was financially prepared for this worst case scenario. He intelligently took out a Critical Illness policy with CL. Joel is a prime example of hoping for the best, but always being prepared for the worst. Only 4 months after he took out the Critical Illness policy with us, he got diagnosed. He was able to cash in that policy, and no questions asked- we were able to provide him with financial support that helped him at such a difficult time. 

Joel’s story is the best case- of a worst case. Looking now to the present day, it is great to see how this speed bump changed everything for him. Joel’s ambition, drive, and determination, is such an inspiration and we are so proud to have a client like him in our care. He always hopes for the best, but is always prepared for the worst. 

Regardless of the cards that were given to him, he always pushed forward. He’s going farther, faster, and harder than ever before; and frankly- more than anyone ever thought he would. Since his stroke: he learnt to walk again, eat again, smile again. He’s climbed mountains, sailed boats, hiked trails. They told him his life was over at 34. He looked back at them and said “No, it just begun”. Joel, thank you for sharing your story with us.