to the Team


 YOU ARE AWESOME! you completed the checklist! We celebrate both big and small wins, so congratulations. You now have the okay from us- to go out there and do some good. From our point of view, what’s next for you is to set you up with your fist sales training session and we’ll make sure to do that right away; but don’t feel the need to wait for that session. You can start making calls and meeting with clients right away. You’re officially part of our CL team, and we’re so excited to be on this journey with you. There’s a lot to be done, and we move quite quickly, so there’s many things- even in the near future, for you to look forward to. Make sure you send the completed checklist back to our admin, just so we know for sure that you finished it, and so that we can set you up with the next steps. Welcome to the team! and we’ll be seeing you- very, very, very, very soon. Have a great one. C ya.