Whether you’re an advisor with years of experience under your belt, or an advisor who just passed the exams days ago- we have training modules that are just right for you. As a company, we see it as our responsibility to supply our advisors with the best and most efficient form of sales and financial education. We want our advisors to be experts when they’re in front of their clients. We want them to be educated and enthusiastic about this industry, because at the end of the day you’re out there- representing us. And if I could be candid, that means we have a direct interest in your success. And we’ll do everything we can to help you succeed in this field. Which is why we created our own in house sales and financial products training modules. We’ve taken everything we’ve learnt from over 25 years in this industry, and boiled it down to 7 quick and easy training modules. 

 We’ve built these modules from the ground up, and they encompass every aspect about being an effective financial advisor here in Canada. We going over both product knowledge and salesmanship in great detail. With the use of examples, role playing, case studies, and many in-person exercises- we guarantee you- that you will see a difference in your ability and confidence when in front of your clients. Another thing that makes our training sessions different from others in the industry is our schedule and structure. We understand that an agent who has been in the industry for 25 years, probably doesn’t need the same type of detailed product knowledge training as an agent who has been in the industry for only 25 mins, right? This is why we have an invite only structure. So we can ensure that the agents who are attending the training sessions get value from the session; and the ones that don’t need training in that particular area, aren’t wasting their time. 

 This structure also allows us to control class sizes; which means smaller groups of 6-10 people. This allows us to get much more tactical and hands on- in these session; and it allows for a much more casual and relaxed approach to training. We’ve found that these smaller classes of invite only, yield a much higher rate of effectiveness and also (no surprise) a much higher rate of cooperation from our agents. For you, this means that you can feel confident in the fact that you will receive the best and most relevant training possible. Training that you will most certainly get value from and that you use right away. So for now, as you wait for your first invite, go ahead and read the document attached to this section- which goes over some incredibly high level basics that we think are valuable for anyone at any level. Happy hunting.