Administration is the backbone of every healthy organization. It’s the part of business that doesn’t get spoken about enough; but a strong administration is always a sign of a strong business. Here at CL we pride ourselves on having one of the best admins in the industry. Our head of admin, Jannette- is a veteran of over 25 years in this industry; and she genuinely has all the answers and all the right contacts. She’s a beast. Any questions or concerns about: procedures, protocols, paperworks, and technical, logistical or informational questions- can all be directed to Jannette, and she’ll great take care of you. 

 In terms of admin details for today- all full time team members will receive a company email that they will use for business purposes; if that’s you- we’ll help you set that up right away. Every advisor is required to download the illustration software; this is the software which allows you to pull quotes and plug in application details when you’re in front of your clients. Super duper important. So please go ahead and download that software, the link can be found connected to this section. And lastly, every agent has the opportunity to sign up for our online, agents only- portal. 

 This portal can be found on our company website, and it’s something that you don’t want to miss. In the portal you’ll find detailed resources, information, links- all of which will be incredibly valuable for you while you’re in the field speaking with your clients. These resources are only for advisor of CL. We don’t publish the information anywhere else, they can only be accessed through the portal. So please reach out to our head of admin who will help you get set up with that. Pretty straight forward, but don’t hold back any questions or insights. I’ll See you soon.